Saturday, October 11, 2014

BFTE Cosmetics Pumpkin Everything! Collection

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well! Now before I get too much farther into this post, I do want to say that this collection is unfortunately NOT available anymore, but Kim does currently have TWO Halloween collections that I think you should check out. Amityville House & The Shining

The Pumpkin Everything! collection retailed for $25 and was a complete steal for all 4 eye shadows! These are/were my first eye shadows ever from BFTE Cosmetics and you know because I love anything Pumpkin (seriously it's a weird obsession of mine) and because you know the whole Autumn/Fall dealio..needless to say I HAD to have it! I also had this amazing idea to put the shadows in holes of a pumpkin...well my not so steady hand kind of butchered the holes and I think that it looks really bad D: Booo

Swatches will be at the end of the post

Pumpkin EVERYTHING! is a sparkly orange color.

I do have to say that this has to be the perfect sparkly orange for this collection. I love wearing this on it's own with a primer as well as foiled. The color reminds me of the inside of a pumpkin instead of the intense orange that is on the outside.

Pumpkin Patch - Dusty lime green with lime glitter

When thinking of anything related to pumpkins, I usually think darker greens and well, darker-ish colors. Honestly though I love with light/lime green better than a darker green! I feel that it fits in with the entire collection as a whole better!

Pumpkin Glow -  Pinky/Peach

This shadow does tend to lean more on the pinky side of the peachy/pink. This also does have an iridescent tendency look to it. It's pretty sheer, but it's extremely gorgeous none the less!

Pumpkin Spice - Russet colored with gold and copper sparkles

This is the PERFECT color to finish this collection out! Obviously it's gorgeous in the crease, but this shadow stands out on the lid as well. I love that this is a reddish-brown color that has gorgeous sparkles and sometimes can look like it has a little maroon in it. I really do this this color!

In a whole, I think this collection is gorgeous and I've LOVED using all of the individual shades. The shadows really compliment each other nicely! I have no issues with these creasing on me or fading during the day, they are buttery smooth and blend very well. If all BFTE shadows are like this, then I need them all!

L-R; Pumpkin Spice - Pumpkin EVERYTHING! - Pumpkin Patch - Pumpkin Glow

Here I've swatched the shadows over Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Here are the shadows foiled using Graftobian Magic Set Mixing & Lining Liquid*.

I wanted to show the shadows regular over primer as well as foiled without the use of primer. Just look at those beauties!

 photo signature_zps5ed1b0d3.jpg
I purchased the above mentioned eye shadows with my own money. The Graftobian Magic Set was provided for free


  1. Putting them in the pumpkin is so cute and clever! Thanks for such an adorable review. :)

  2. these are so pretty, I love that your put them in the pumpkin!!

  3. Thank you!! I wish I had executed it better though! !