Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Beauty Buffs : Neutrals

Hello Everyone! I hope you all are doing well! :D

Todays post is all about Neutrals! I'm doing kind of a two-part post with nails and makeup. Now I was going to do a completely new makeup look, but then I decided..I've done plenty on my blog in the past, or I've posted quite a few on Instagram in the recent months...Why not just link back to a few of my favorite neutral makeup looks from the past?!

We will start with the nails first. Now, I was going to actually use my NATURAL nails for this post...and then 2/4 nails broke on the hand I was planning on using and I'm being stubborn and not wanting to cut the other two nails and I knew it would look pretty damn tacky. SO, alas...fake nails it was. I just used some of those old school stickers to stick the nails too my natural nails instead of using glue like normal.

Taking these pictures were kind of very awkward for me to take because I usually use my left hand for nail pictures but for this I opted for my right hand, since I wanted a bit more control with the dots being that I am left handed...I think I'll stick to photographing my left hand! :P

On My Nails

ORLY Country Club Khaki

ORLY Faint Of Heart

China Glaze Recycle
Sinful Colors Nirvana

Cult Nails Wicked Fast Top Coat

Kiss Full Cover Active Square Nails

Various Dotting Tools

I was trying to be one of those cool people who take nice pictures with their pets fur in the background. Can you tell that with it being blurry..Anya was not amused?! She thought I was taking pictures of her and was so not in the mood and kept moving on me. Booo kitty boo.

For the Makeup, I chose THREE blog posts.

1. Valentines EOTD
2. Neutral Eye Look With Silver Winged Liner
3. Neutral Eye

Can you tell that I am clever with names?! :P Kidding kidding. ANYWAYS. What do you think?! Out of the nails... I have to say that I should have done the dark brown bases and then the greys over top. I think it looks better that way but what's done is done! It's still pretty successful to me!

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