Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Beauty Buffs : Vincent Longo La Fiera Meta Gloss

PR Sample
So, this post posted earlier without it being fully done and that was a my bad. I totally forgot to finish this because I got sick. I do hope that those who saw this post before it was completed, looked into the gloss! xox

I am so excited because this weeks The Beauty Buffs Post is all about metallic! I love me some metallic colors! I was really excited when I got this product in the swag bag from The Makeup Show (I'm either going to do a post or a video when I'm feeling better about the Blogger Preview and bag at a later date) When I saw this gloss I knew I had to use it for this post! I had this awesome look in mind, but alas, when you're sick you don't want to put on makeup. I don't think ya'll want to see a runny nose and I may or may not have split my lip sneezing. (don't judge)

La Fiera is Ruby Red.
I feel kind of bad because I have all of these gorgeous shot of the product packaging but not of the product itself. You know when you're sick and you just don't have the gumption? This is one of those moments, I didn't want to do lip swatches because I didn't want to contaminate the gloss with gross germs. 
An innovative formula of multi-reflective pearls in a soft, creamy texture with an unparalleled high-impact finish. Rich metallic hues feature a pearlescent thread to intensely coat lips in one stroke with long lasting color and shine!

 When James Vincent was talking about this product and lip gloss in general one thing he mentioned (very clearly I must admit) is that gloss is meant for just the CENTER of the lips. THAT right there is something I didn't know. I do think that this could definitely and probably is a full lip product instead of just the center because that would just be silly looking if you wore this alone instead of over another product! :P
This gloss is absolutely stunning and while I'm not a red kind of girl, I think this gloss would be perfect to wear for all of those Holiday parties I'm sure you all get invited too!

You can find and purchase this lip gloss for yourself at
This product retails for $24 for .23 fl oz of product

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Product provided for FREE from Vincent Longo via The Makeup Show. 

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  1. Gorgeous lip gloss! Can't wait to try mine!

  2. I love what you did with the tinsel in these photos!! get well soon I can't wait to hear allll about tms

  3. Great shade! It looks so versatile and lve the shuttle shimmer :)

  4. that shimmer is stunning!