Saturday, December 6, 2014

Cloe Does Her Makeup

Cloe is constantly asking me to do her makeup or paint her nails. She may only be three but she turned into a complete girly girl. It is totally my fault because she always sees me playing with makeup or painting my nails. However there is absolutely nothing wrong with her wanting to play with makeup. 

I decided to do something different and let her put her own makeup on. Oh boy you should have seen her face when I told her that she could apply her own eye shadow! It was like someone gave her a present or something. She was so excited! I grabbed some of my old palettes that I don't use because I didn't want her to ruin my expensive ones! I'm sure you all (with kids) can totally understand what I mean!

She grabbed a Revlon palette that was all wine colored shades and she applied, applied and applied. I need to get her shorter brushes because she had a bit of a difficult time with the long ELF brushes.  For her first time, she did a really good job! When she was done. ...she asked to do mine. I've been telling her for ages that she can do my eyes on day but this time I decided to let her do it. 
I was scared to be honest because I was afraid she was going to jab at my eyes, but holy crap y'all she was so gentle! It was a pretty pleasant experience having a 3yr old do my makeup. Bahaha. 

I wish you could have seen her level of concentration because it was amazing. She grabbed a purple Revlon palette to do mine and I think she did a good job! Next time I'm going to give her more pigmented shadows...and brushes that her little hands can hold better!

I thought this would be a fun post because who doesn't love her freaking face?! She's too much. Maybe next time I'll do a video with her or something. We'll see what happens. I thought about doing a series with her, but I'm undecided. I would prefer her to use Cruelty free makeup because that's just me. I feel that it could be a whole hell of a lot safer for her eyes and face.

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  1. She's too cute. You might look for a couple inexpensive kabuki brushes from someone like Eco tool for her. They are decent brushes and don't cost to much. Actually, they make a few of my favorites, but I'm a bargain hunter. Also, Bare Minerals often gives cute small brushes with the samples of their mineral make-up. I normally allow my cat to seal them but they'd be perfect for tiny hands. I've gotten 3 or 4 of these samples from Sephora and one from Beauty.Com so their not real hard to find. I really enjoy your blog. Great work.

  2. omg this is too cute!

  3. Thank you so much! I'll definitely look into EcoTools! I've got a couple brushes of theirs that are small that I'm going to let her use! I've never gotten any from Sephora and I've never ordered from so I'll definitely check them out! thank you!