Friday, January 16, 2015

Children's Advil Suspension Fever Sugar-Free and Dye-Free - Berry

I was sent this to test out with Cloe and Chris from Smiley360. Luckily for me it arrived at a perfect time because the both of them were sick with fevers. What luck!

Children's Advil Suspension Fever Sugar Free & Dye Free is their newest product that they have released. The main ingredient in this is Ibuprofen which act as a fever reducer and a pain reliever. There is 100mg of Ibuprofen per every 5mL. Children as young as 2 and as old as 11 can use this product.
When I saw that this was in Berry I was a bit worried that the kids weren't going to like it, but at the same time I had some pretty good faith that they would. They are always surprising me with new things that they like. What I like about this is that you get up to 8 hours of relief when they aren't feeling good. I've used some fever reducers in the past that worked for only a couple of hours.

The first time Chris used this I was pretty surprised, he is a picky kid and whenever he takes any kind of liquid medicine he has to have a water chaser with it and with this he didn't. The kid seriously LICKED all of the medicine out of the little cup, that's amazing in my book. The day I gave this to him he was running a fever of around 100°F. When he took the medicine, his fever broke pretty quickly, within the hour actually. So that was amazing to me.
(He doesn't quite get how to take a pictures with his mouth closed)

Cloe on the other hand was running a 101.5°F fever and it kept going up. When we gave her the Advil, it did break her fever to a point, it came down to 99.0°F but she ended up falling asleep and her fever shot back up to about 103°F. That was how we found out she had an ear infection. She did continue to take the Advil every 6-8 hours depending on her fever and how she felt. Luckily, with her antibiotic and the Advil working together her fever hasn't come back and her ear infection went away! Woohoo on that. We have a happy baby.

The kids actually love this stuff to the point that they will come up and ask for it, even when they don't need it. NO they do NOT get it. They're crazy kids I tell ya. At least they both really like this product and had way too much fun posing with the packaging. I had pictures of them ACTUALLY taking the product BUT somehow the images went missing. Figures.

As an Aunt, I 100% recommend this product to anyone that has children between the ages of 2-11 years of age. This is definitely one of the better products that I have used for them. My Sister (their Mom) as well as my Mom (Grandma) love this for them.

You can find this at your local mass supermarket (Walmart, Target, etc), drugstores (Walgreens, CVS,etc) and anywhere that you can find Children's Advil. This retails for between $5-$7!

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  1. Nice review! Great to hear it works great for children.

  2. Great, that it worked for the niece and nephew! She's (Cloe) going to want to do more reviews for you, I can tell!