Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Stephanie Devine Skincare

Stephanie Devine Skincare (formerly Tavarua Skincare) has come a long way since it's humble beginnings. I originally met Stephanie when I got a Google+ notification or an email (I really can't remember) from her about how she was starting a start up company and was running on of those fundraiser things to raise money to start her skincare company! I've talked about her products in the past but not since her re-branding. I had some products of hers that I was going to review but they had the old labels and name on it that I was not able to photograph them and put them on the blog. It was a shame because they were amazing products! I will say this I was and have been her number one fan since she started!
Stephanie Devine Skincare is a small batch and very fresh skin care line. Very fresh? What? That just means she uses only the freshest of ingredients in her products. Her products have minimal processing and are natural. They contain no parabens, pthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals, fragrances or dyes. Her products can be used on all skin types. Even those with extremely sensitive skin can use her products!

I really appreciate that her products are fragrance free because as I've gotten older, I have realized that I'm more sensitive to scents in skincare products. The worse thing is having a reaction to a product!

She offers a Sample Kit that allows you to try out her Anti-Aging Nutrient Spray, Anti-Aging Serum, Anti-Oxidant Eye & Face Cream as well as her Nourishing Facial Oil. You can try them out for a whole $20. In my opinion that is a total steal!

She also has a Beauty Box which retails for $145, which is quarterly. You will get;  Anti Aging Nutrient Spray, Anti Aging Serum, Anti Oxidant Eye & Face Cream, Nourishing Facial Oil and a Three Ladies Farm Goat Milk Cleansing Beauty Bar

Stephanie also wanted me to mention that in 2015 she is going to be adding other small batch small business companies/products to her website! This I will say I am extremely excited for! Right now she is currently hosting goat milk cleansing beauty bars from The Three Ladies Farm. Each bar is $10. I will be reviewing one soon as well as I will be reviewing her Sample kit and Anti-Oxidant Eye & Face Cream so be on the lookout for those!

You can find Stephanie Devine Skincare on

You can also find Three Ladies Farm on Facebook

I will be reviewing everything at a later date! So be on the lookout!
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