Monday, April 13, 2015

MixCups Tea Lovers Subscription

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Hello everyone!

I hope you all are doing well! Today I have an interesting and new to me subscription service to chat about!
I heard about MixCups from BrandBacker and I just had to jump on the chance to try them out! With MixCups you can choose from a 30 K-Cup Non-Flavored Coffee, 30 K-Cup Flavored Coffee or the 30 K-Cup Tea Lovers mix. I chose the Tea Lovers mix because I can't drink coffee. I am definitely a tea person at heart!

I want to mention that these cups can be used with an Keurig machine as well as machines that use K-Cups as well. I also wanted to mention that Mixcups says the cups in their mixes should all be 2.0 compatible by summer 2015. so Yay for all of you with a 2.0! That's some very exciting news!
In the tea lovers mix I got 10 different flavors, with 3 cups per flavor. 3x10=30 so there you go right there. 

In my box I received Celestial Green Tea.

Higgins & Burke Orange Pekoe, Chamomile and English Breakfast Tea.

Prospect Peppermint Heights and Brooklyn Breakfast Tea.

Stash Chai Spice Black Tea, Jasmine Blossom Tea, Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea and Earl Grey Black Tea.

I've tried most of the teas except for a few. My brother drank all of the Prospect Peppermint Heights tea and has tried a few others. I've not had the Jasmine Blossom, Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea and the Chai Spice Black Tea because part of me is afraid that I will dislike them but I will try them out! 

The Mix Of The Month, which is what this is retails for $28.95 USD where you can choose between Standard Coffee Mix, Non-Flavored Coffee Mix and Tea Lovers Mix. 
You can also gift someone a box or gift them a subscription of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months for the same price.

You can also choose a Mini Box of 10 K-Cups and the Mega Mix which is 2 boxes worth of the "Mixes Of The Month" which would be 60 cups in total for $54.95. 
In each box you'll get a selection of 30 newly released, seasonal and tried and true single-cup coffees or teas

I've really enjoyed this subscription and I think that you all would love it as well! It's really fun to get different kinds of teas/coffees to try that you may not purchase yourself if you were in the store. Oh did I mention that if you fall in love with one of the drinks, you can purchase it on their website as well! 

I suggest at least checking out their shop to see what they offer and definitely subscribe if this is something you're up for!

Their Website -
Twitter -
So, what do you think? Do you think you'd be interested in trying out this subscription service?! I think it's really fun, especially since it's a mystery box of different teas or coffees!

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The products described in this blog post were provided for free for review from MixCups and Brandbacker. I received no monetary compensation from either company. 


  1. Some nice teas you received in this box. It looks great.

  2. Oh I love tea, and it looks like you got an awesome mix of flavors!

  3. It's so yummy! After all of this time though, I still haven't drank the ones left. I'm still afraid lol