Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Measurable Difference Eyeshadow Palettes & Contest!

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Hello hello! I hope you all are doing well today!

The one thing that I really like about Crislie's Measurable Difference eye shadow palette line is that they really have palettes for everyone. They've got 4 pan, 5 pan and 8 pan palettes. They have a wide array or neutral palettes as well as colorful palettes. So you really are guaranteed to find something that you will love! Oh, did I mention that they have glitter palettes? No? Well, they do!
I'm on of those people who are a sucker for glittery shades, especially when it's around the holidays. I find it is way more fun to play around makeup when it's the holidays! The above palette is the Measurable Difference Party Eyeshadow 8-pan palette. Just imagine all of the fun and glittery shades that you can use this for! That red-ish one that is on the bottom row is just gorgeous! I want to play with that one right now!


The above palette is the Measurable Difference Nake Eye Shadow 8-pan palette. These look like they'd be really fun to play with. They all look matte as well! So that is a lot of fun! They do have another neutral palette or two if this particular one isn't your jam!

The Paradise palette is just so fun! It's very green based, but they look like they're fun colors! I mean, I would totally rock them without an issue! Who wouldn't? This would be super fun to play with for a daytime look or even something for a party!

The last palette I want to talk about is the Holland Tulips palette
I don't know what it is about this palette but it just calls to me. Out of all of their palettes, this would probably be the one I purchased first. Don't ask me why, because I don't know. I'm just super attracted to the colors in this palette! This is one of those palettes where you can take it from daytime to nighttime with just a few extra strokes of one of the darker colors! 

So now to the giveaway! It's being hosted by Chrislie Formulations/Measurable Difference. Definitely check it out because there are 10 winners and you could be one of them! It is a really simple giveaway so I hope that you all enter!

Your fellow eye shadow addict - Autumn 
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