Monday, September 21, 2015

The Beginning - Makeup In My Town

Hello everyone!

So, I'm not 100% sure how I am going to do these. The name is still kind of up in the air really because I have NO idea what to call this whole thing. A series I guess? Why is it so hard to think up names sometimes?! bah. ANYWAYS. Other than the name, I'm not even sure if you all would want to see like the actual steps it took to create the looks or like the products that I used. If you want to see the steps that it took, then I can always do a sped up video showing how I did everything with the pictures at the end in the physical post instead of the video. What do you think? I can maybe do this whole thing once a week because lets face it, I see way too much ridiculous makeup every day. :P

I also want to mention that I might not even do ridiculous makeup all of the time, I might throw in a look that is gorgeous that I've seen or something. We'll see how it goes! :) Hopefully you all enjoy this first one! I'm not listing the makeup because I did this probably 3 weeks ago but have been putting it off because I haven't been able to think up a good neutral name.

So, this first look isn't too bad. Except for the hairy caterpillar brows, the over drawn pale pink lips. Also, notice the "fake" nose piercing which this person literally used a gold dot on their nose. Why?

Just get one of those fake studs that is magnetic that goes in your nose. Way simpler in my opinion. Also, the dark mole thing..Granted I actually do have a mole there, which is funny but the eyeliner on top. I'm not even sure, do people still draw on fake moles? I know they were popular at one point ages ago, but it was farther up on the face or near the eye. Not so much the edge of your mouth.

I just can't with people sometimes. I mean, don't get me wrong, for the most part the makeup is okay. Tone the brows down, take off the black and gold dots and fix the dang lips and bam baby, you've got a pretty decent look there.

So, this isn't one of the worst looks that I've seen. I totally get that strong brows are back on trend, but I just can't with brows like that. I'm kind of really excited to start working on the next look because that one is a doozie!



  1. The eyebrows are so thick, I like that you gave some advice on what to tone down in this look. Can't wait to see the next one.

  2. I know they are ridiculous! They were honestly really hard to get off! The next one...I'm so not looking forward too because it's kind of scary in my opinion.

  3. I thought you drew on the nose ring because the person you saw had their nose pierced. I can't believe that they DREW on a face nose ring! People, I swear. Idk how you find these gems haha!