Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Glittering New Years Eve with Claws Up

Contains Press Samples from SquareHue

I was talking to my girl Jacquie (Claws Up) on Snapchat one day (auttyw) and somehow we got on the topic of doing twin-nails for New Years Eve. Heck yes! I was so excited! We finally decided on a design and cue the existence of trying to find the perfect polishes to use. Then cue the stress of oh my polish gods, how am I going to do this dang cup?! Thank goodness for Google Images, you don't even want to know what the OG design looked liked! Calling it a mess was an understatement! I have no shame in admitting the fact that I worked on this way longer than I should have (almost three days) as well as I used the most ridiculous amount of nail polishes!

Lets back up a little bit and just explain what I went through. I had the design down packed and they looked awesome! ...Or well, my opinion of awesome, then it came to top coat them! Y'all know we need that extra shininess in our lives! Cue the huge sighs and freaking out, my top coat made the tips of my nails cloudy! I've had it happen before, but another thin coat fixed it right up! Not this time though, it made it worse! So, I had to go back and fix it and just....added even more polishes to try and cover up the fact that the top coat messed them up!

The freak out and stress aside, I'm actually really pleased with how these look and I can't wait to see how Jacquie's turned out! I'm really glad that we did these together! We are going to have another post together, but of course, I still need to work on it! It's not going to be that difficult though! I love doing collab posts, even though they are few and far between.

Mad props to you Jaq for listening to me freak out because I couldn't find the polishes and that I changed a setting on my camera and the OG pictures were messed up and just no bueno! You are seriously my best frand! I don't know what I would have done if it weren't for you girl!

I've got two pictures for you! One with and one without the flash! Enjoy my Glitter New Years Eve Nails!

 They aren't perfect but you know what...nail art is not my jam and for a n00b, I think they are nice. :)

Polishes Used:In order from the pinkie to index
SquareHue 1921 Style & Speed
SquareHue 2002 Idol
SquareHue 1977 Night Fever
Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope

Cult Nails Nevermore
Sally Hansen I♥Nail Art Pen Neon Pink
China Glaze Travel In Colour

Cult Nails Nevermore
SquareHue Sampokeskus (12/14)
SquareHue 2001 Never Forget
Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope

China Glaze Angel Wings
Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope

Oh So Wet Top Coat

Jewels at the cuticle are from Sally Hansen

I told you that I used a stupid amount of polishes! 

I know it's a little messy but I like it :)

Go check out Jacquie's blog and see what she did for her Glittering New Years Eve Mani! 

Also HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope that you end 2015 on a positive note and start 2016 with a smile! :) 

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