Monday, February 22, 2016

The Makeup Show Orlando Recap

I will be getting back to regular posting in March! x

I was invited back to The Makeup Show in Orlando this year, which made me extremely happy. I always look forward to it because I get to see all of the ladies from the Central Florida Beauty Bloggers group, that I rarely get to see. But I also tend to use it to network with brands and other bloggers. Unfortunately for me this year, I was caught up in the amount of people that were there, as well as I was trying to get pictures and vlog (which I failed at)...I was also keeping a close eye on Jess from Heel and Mascara (formerly Nail Polish Anonymous.) I am not a large crowd person by any means, so I was totally hit with an overload, just by how many people there were and how loud it was..I had a migraine by the end of the day. ANYWAYS.
My day started at 3AM! Yes, I will cringe with you I was meeting Harajuku Girl FL at 5AM because we both live close enough to each other, but far enough away from Orlando that we decided to ride together. We had to be there by 9 am for the Press Preview because this year it was on the same day as the show, which in reality worked the best for my because it made it easier to just hit everything in one day instead of having to drive up there multiple days. That is a lot of gas because it's 106.2 miles ONE WAY. 
As per usual, we got to listen to the amazing James Vincent talk about the Keynotes that were going on for the weekend as well as he gave us some insight into what was in the Press Bag for this year. I'll put a video at the end to show you all what was in the bag.  I honestly could listen to him talk for hours and long as I had something comfortable to sit on! Not only were the chairs uncomfortable after about 20-30 minutes, but the lighting is bloody awful! 
This picture of James is when he was talking about the Keynotes going on.  I decided after hearing him that I wanted to attend the Scott Barnes keynote! We'll talk about that later though!

After listening to James speak we all headed out onto the floor. Jess and I wandered around a little bit first and then we hit up Static Nails..well she hit them up. Since they were right next to Model in a Bottle, I stopped there first because I had been wanting to try them out for ages,
Can we just talk about the fact that his eye brows have their OWN eye brows?! Yaas honey. 
Jessica swatched some Lip Bar product liquid matte lip sticks and snap, I'm kind of regretting not grabbing a couple! They're insanely gorgeous! The ladies at the booth were very nice as well! I believe they were the creators of the brand. I remember when they had just launched! I love seeing brands grow up!
MoYou London was there and I do wish their plates had not been $10 at the show or I would have grabbed some more. I loved the Steampunk plates for sure!
Last after shopping around for a few hours with Jessica, I stopped by the Scott Barnes Keynote speech. It was extremely informative and he and his husband are hilarious! Harajuku Girl and I seriously just could no stop laughing our butts off! Even after the keynote was over, we said he pumped something in the room because a couple others who went to his note couldn't stop laughing as well.
You're not allowed to record in the keynotes, and if you do it can't be more than 15 seconds long, so I honestly didn't bother. He did teach a lot of interesting techniques though! One involves applying false eye lashes and is something that you have to see done, it's super hard to explain through text.
He also said that ladies in Florida LOVE painting on their eye brows, which I agree with ! 
It's a little ridiculous the sharpie brows here! I wish I would have recorded little bits of what he talked about, because it was so insightful! He is one brilliant man!

I feel like I haven't talked enough about the show, or shown enough pictures. In all honesty, it was so hectic for me, and to get good pictures, I would have had to use my flash. I didn't want to bombard people constantly with the flash. I so wish I would have gotten more/better pictures for you all! Over the next few months, I will be reviewing all of what I purchased as well as what came in the blogger bag. Those posts will obviously marked accordingly!

Did you attend TMS Orlando?! Or have you gone to any other Makeup Trade Show?! What do you think of them?!


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