Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Typical Day At Busch Gardens - The Animal Care Center

More increasingly, I have been at Busch Gardens at least once or twice a week. Why? Well, my Husband, Dad and Brother all work at the park in different areas AND my brother doesn't drive. So Chris and I are the ones most of the time who take him up. I have no issues with this really, except we've run out of things to do. Hah. HOWEVER, I decided that I would maybe document a typical day when we go to the park, because I figured it would be fun and split it up into different posts. Let me also say that all of the pictures were taken on my phone, so they aren't that great.

A typical day when Chris and I go to Busch Gardens is hitting up the Animal Care Center and see what animals need treatment that day. We've seen them remove a gigantic deep sea fishing hook from a Great Blue Heron, we've seen them give an Anteater a checkup and on this particular day they were doing checkups on a Black Forest Cobra and two Rhinoceros Vipers. Dr.Pete is the Sr. Veterinarian and I definitely suggest checking Wildlife Docs out on Saturday mornings! It's such an educational show and it's fun and interesting to see the different things they do and the animals. Sea Rescue is amazing as well and it obviously has to do with Sea World.
On this day they actually couldn't get the cobra out of it's box, she was just NOT having it at all! It took a good 30 minutes and that is because they ended up having to take the container she was in apart.
Not the greatest picture, but it was the only one I could get of the Cobra. They put it in a tube, so keep it from biting people.

The ACC doesn't just deal with animals at Busch Gardens. The GBH they removed the hook from was brought in by a person who rescues animals and they saw the fishing line hanging out of it's mouth. It look an HOUR to safely remove the hook! It was intense! 
Today though they are just doing checkups. They start at 11, but it's early so I am waiting around!
They have 3 TVs around so you can see up close what they are doing with the animal as well as on one they display x-rays so you can see what they are going for an or looking at.
There are also others outside of the room to narrate and explain what is going on so the Vets can concentrate on what they are doing! They do take questions after they are done as well as they do show the animal by the window if they are able to pick it up!

I learned that they don't put reptiles under anesthesia.  So that's pretty interesting because they are at a higher risk if they are anesthetized. It will definitely interesting to see!
They can treat animals up to 2000 pounds. The bigger animals are treated in the field because all of their equipment is mobile as well as They have facilities outside in the field where they can take care or the larger animals. (Giraffe, elephants, rhinos, etc)

You have to hit the Animal Care Center as soon as the park opens because they do all of their procedures in the mornin. Usually they will start around 10am, they don't schedule the animals for specific days so it's always a surprise when you go! I like that animal Rehabbers can bring wild animals in that they find and they will do emergency surgery or whatever they need to do that day. The most recent time Chris and I went there was a woman from Dover who brought in a Hawk that she found stuck between two fences in a bougainvillea bush. Someone shot it with a pellet gun and broke its wing. It was also carrying an egg! Unfortunately, they said that she probably would abandon the egg when she laid it (that day) because of being in the hospital and what not. Such a bummer!

I'm thinking of turning this into a fun bi-weekly thing, or maybe just monthly? We will see what happens! I do have another post idea, but I'm not sure when it's going to be up just yet. Maybe sometime next month!

Have you ever been to Busch Gardens Tampa? If you have, have you checked out the Animal Care Center?!

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