Thursday, May 19, 2016

derma e Psorzema® & Scalp Relief Products

Press Sample

One of the things that I haven't really talked about on my blog is itchy skin. I've talked about it on Twitter and I think Facebook but never on the blog. Insert the derma e Psorzema® and Scalp Relief products. 

The one thing that people definitely don't ever see if that I've got really dry and itchy spots on my body. That is the one unfortunately thing. I had planned on my cousin testing out the Psorzema® Body wash and the Crème because she was recently diagnosed with eczema and is spotty on her body, especially on her chest. Unfortunately she never responded to my request, which stinks because she doesn't like taking the steroid her doctor put her on.

Starting first we are going to talk about the Shampoo because that is the first product that I tried out. I first want to point out that the Scalp Relief Shampoo($11.75) is safe for color treated hair. My hair, as you all know is color treated and I've not noticed any fading or dullness in my hair, so that is awesome. The product was created to sooth, de-flake, cleanse, and nourish the scalp and hair. I've got some pretty heavy dermatitis on my scalp and it's gotten ugly lately. I've tried quite a few things to try and calm it down. Ingredient wise, the important things that I feel needed to be pointed out is that this has Menthol, salicylic acid, tea tree oil in it. 
Obviously there are other amazing ingredients in this, but those are the ones I wanted to point out, just in case you have a sensitivity to them. When you use this, you leave it on your scalp for 3-5 minutes, which in my case seems like an eternity. However, for a clean, non-itchy, flake free scalp, it is totally worth it! When using this alone, because of all of the things in it, it does make my hair feel a little dry, but once you use the conditioner, the dryness goes right away. I do like though that this doesn't dry out the scalp and it smells lightly like the menthol that is in it. It's not overpowering and it doesn't burn your scalp like some other scalp treatment shampoos that I have used.

The Scalp Relief Conditioner ($11.75) has the same ingredients in it that I mentioned with the shampoo. With this, you are also supposed to leave it sitting on your scalp for 2-3 minutes. It will definitely make your shower a little longer, but in the end it is worth it. You can always turn the water off while you're letting the conditioner sit. The only difference between this and the shampoo, is that the conditioner, obviously conditions your hair. Let me just say, it does! I was pretty worried about how my scalp would feel, especially since you have to put this on your scalp, but the shampoo and conditioner really work in tandem.
This does have Argan kernel oil in it to help moisturize your scalp and hair. Scent wise, I am not really sure how I would describe it, so I am not going too. It doesn't smell bad though, so you can be assured of that. Using the two products together, I can go at least a week without my hair getting oily, itchy and the flakes start again after about 6 days, That is bloody amazing to me. I actually just recently went almost two weeks without washing my hair, yes it was oily but the flakes didn't really start or get bad until about a week and 4 days. Although, I will say that sometimes at the slightest hint of foreign moisture my scalp would get incredibly itchy, so that was a bummer to me. I mean, that though could totally just be my scalp. Remember everyone is different.

The Psorzema® Body Wash($11.75) is something that I use on the daily, every time I shower. I love this body wash that much! I've even been using it to wash my face. This gently cleanses the skin, while it moisturizes it as well. This soothes the  itchiness, redness and irritation that I get on my body body and face. Yes, I do use this on my face and it has actually helped with the redness quite a bit. No, it hasn't made me break out and it doesn't dry out the skin.  
This had similar ingredients as the shampoo, conditioner and the crème. This is such a gentle product on the skin and the one thing I will say that if you use this, be very careful. This is very fluid and you can accidentally get way too much product on your hand. Other than that, this is an absolutely lovely product!

The Psorzema® Crème($19.95) is the one product that I was not sure if I was going to like or not. I am not saying that for any particular reason, I just wasn't sure if it was going to be greasy, or if it was going to help out with the dry skin on my body, especially on my hands. Let me just say that this has been my savor. You know when you just have that one amazing product and you tote it with you wherever you go? This is that product. 
It's always in my purse and if I go to say a theme park, you better believe I am taking it with me. It's not greasy at all and it soaks into the skin quickly. This will make your skin unbelievably soft and smooth feeling. I use this really all over my body because it helps with the dryness and actually it keps my skin to not be itchy, which is a godsend. 

The body wash and the creme do not have scents to them, so they are safe if you are scent sensitive. The scents of the shampoo and conditioner are not strong either. I will say that I recommend these products 200% because they've helped my scalp and my skin considerably from when I started using them a good month ago. You can check out each product on Derma E's website and each individual product is linked to the page. I do believe for what they do and being steroid free, these are an amazing deal and the price point is something that I would be willing to pay. 

The Shampoo ad conditioner are probably my favorite products out of the lot because I have been looking for products like them for quite a while and have failed. This is something I will be definitely purchasing quite soon.

Press sample provided by DermaE through Brandbacker. 

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