Thursday, July 28, 2016

Busch Gardens Lure-A-Thon PokemonGo until August 7th!

I'm sure we have all been swept up by the phenomenon of PokemonGo since it's release in the US on the 7th of July....Well, at least I have! I honestly have to say that I am quite addicted to the game!

Busch Gardens a week or so held a Lure-a-Thon at the Tampa location as well as SeaWorld Orlando. Did they hold it at their other parks? I have no idea, these are the two I follow because they're "local" to me. I missed the first one because, let's face was crazy! Tons and Tons of people.

I have been to Busch Gardens since and I do have to say that there is an insane amount of Pokestops and three Gyms. Did I see any crazy amazing Pokemon? No, but I have seen pictures of what others have seen! There was a Gyrados and I heard a rumor of someone jumping a fence for a Pikachu. Whether that is true, I don't know, but it's one of those head shaking moments!

Going on daily until August 7th / 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. & 5 p.m. – 9 p.m

Just LOOK at all of those Pokestops. You hit one right as you are coming into the park past the front gates.  There are a couple that show up on the app itself that are not able to be gotten from the guest area, so please do not go into employee only areas or ride restricted areas! It's not worth it to get ejected from the park, your pass possibly being revoked and worst case scenario...arrested. Please be cautious and not a jerk!

The three gyms are at different locations.
The Lion Topiary at the front of the park
Sheikra Drop 
Congo Train Station

Now, the color on the map isn't the actual color of the gyms, we all know how they change! I watched Sheikra change at least 10 times within a 40 minute time frame. So you just never know who will have what gym when you go! I have heard that one of the Ride Operators who is Team Valor usually has it for the reds! Man has some strong Pokemon too!

There are areas within the park that does have WiFi but they are far and few in between. I believe there are a total of three. The front gate, Cheetah Hunt Plaza, and Stanleyville Plaza, I've never been able to get my phone to connect to the WiFi in park, but you may have better luck than I.

There are Air Conditioned PokeStops. DragonFire Grille, the newly opened Serengeti Overlook Restaurant  and the Tiger Overlook also has a little bit of air conditioning. Please remember to stay hydrated and try and keep yourself cool since you will be outside!

There are some charging stations in the park that can be utilized. I know there is one inside the DragonFire Grille as well as one that is outside where you can plug your USB cable or your wall socket in. Also, in the Tiger Overlook, Zambia Smokehouse, Serengeti Overlook there are actual plugs that you can plug your charger into if needed! I got your back with that! I am always on the hunt for more though since I blog at the park a lot with my computer! I will find more and report back!

If you have them, remember to charge your battery packs, that way you wont have to be restricted to an outlet while your phone charges!

If you have some eggs to hatch, and lets be honest we all do ride the train. There is 2.5 miles worth of track and there are also Pokestops that you can only get by hopping on the train! Hatch those eggs! I've got a 10km one that I need to hatch so you know where to find me tomorrow! I'm guessing I will have to take about three trips fully around to hatch it! Hopefully it's a Mr.Mime! '

Busch Gardens is also offering Pokemon Hubs for each team at 3 different locations!

Now, with the drinks. The Fruity Spritzer, Lemon Twist and the Blue Raspberry are all non-alcoholic and start off at $2.50 and I believe you can upgrade them to alcoholic for $6.

For the entrees you have to have the coordinating sticker to do the buy an entree get a desert for free. Only get the sticker for your team though! No cheating.

this event goes on every day until August 7th! I suggest that if you want to attend, go on a weekday if you're able too, it wont be as crowded as on a weekend! Even better though is go when school starts again! Granted it wont be a lure-a-thon but plenty of people drop lures and it wont be so crazy!

Will you be going?!

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