Thursday, August 11, 2016

DIY Coffee Face Scrub

This is probably going to be one of the most complex face masks that you will ever encounter. The amount of products that you need is just insane. I don't even know why I am telling you all this! It's just.....hah!

I'm kidding, this is probably one of the easiest DIY face masks you will encounter. You only need one thing and that is used coffee grounds. Yeah, that's really it. I am sure that you have see this multiple times before, but my friend Polarbelle suggested me doing a DIY face mask maybe. I"m not going to suggest something that I don't use, so I went for the coffee face scrub/mask thing. Because, why not?
If you don't drink coffee at home, I know at one point Starbucks was either giving their grounds away or they were selling them. I am not sure if they are doing it anymore though. Trying your local coffee shop as well. They could be more than willing to give up their grounds because it's less trash for the to deal with. Or heck, just ask a coffee drinking friend! Luckily for me, my entire family, except for myself, drinks coffee. I always have an over abundance of coffee grounds in the house!
Just take the grounds and apply them to your face. Just slather those bad boys on! Make yourself coffee faced and drink some coffee (or tea). This is really good for your skin. It's best to use in the morning because it will help wake your skin up. Plus, when you're ready to wash it off, it is a mild exfoliator! TWO USES! Blasphemy. But yes, dual use...well really if you can use it for compost as well..So I get that would be multi-use. Good for you and your plants.
I leave this on for 5-10 minutes and wash it off.
Your skin will feel awake, energized and plump. Plump? Well, lets just say your face will feel amazing. I suggest doing this in the morning, because why wake up your skin to just go to bed?! No point in that. Follow this up with your morning skincare routine!
Sidenote: ridiculous faces not needed but thoroughly enjoyed.

Have you ever done a coffee face mask? Would you try one if you haven't?!

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