Sunday, August 28, 2016

Interviewing Jim Dean Park President of Busch Gardens about Cobra's Curse

This interview is from Media day for Cobra's Curse.

JD: Hello, I am Jim Dean and I am the President of Busch Gardens and Adventure Island Tampa.
Me: Hello Mr.Dean! It's a pleasure to finally be able to meet you!

Me: Why do you think that it is important to have thrill rides that the entire family can ride?
JD: Well, we want to appeal to the whole family and we got have got some of the best roller coaster in the world with Sheikra, Montu, and Kumba. Falcon's Fury is one of the greatest drop towers ever. We want to make sure that we offered an attractions for the entire family, even four and five year old kids can ride Cobra's Curse.
Me: That is fantastic! My entire family including my Niece who is four is waiting with anticipation for the ride to open! It's all she has talked about for the past couple of weeks!

Me: So, I saw on Facebook that you have actually ridden the coaster a few times! What is your favorite part?
JD: Everybody is going to say that the spinning is their favorite part. Coming off of the vertical lift to the snakes mouth, that is pretty fun. Then you dive out into the Serengeti where you are going forward. When the spinning starts though, the real fun happens! You never know how your cart will spin. It's different each time. 

Me: This is unrelated to Cobra's Curse, but on Monday I was in park and I heard a woman complaining. She was complaining that every time a new ride comes out, it has been a roller coaster or Falcon's Fury. Do you have any plans to replace Gwazi or Tidal Wave with something that is for those people out there, who are not coaster enthusiasts? 
JD: We are always looking at our attractions across the park to make sure we are maximizing our geography. We have got so much real estate! With Gwazi, it was simply just time for a change, as was the same for Tidal Wave. We are looking at some things, but they take years to bring to fruition. We are indeed looking at attractions that are not major roller coasters. We want to make sure we offer things to families.
Me: Are there any plans to build any rides that are disabled friendly?
JD: Sure! Do you have any ideas?

Me: I was talking to a woman on Twitter and she suggested maybe carnival type rides. Or something that is easy to get those who are confined to wheelchairs on and off, without much effort. 
JD: Sand Serpent is a family ride. We would love to add more of those. I've even seen children in wheelchairs riding Falcon's Fury! That must be such a thrill for them to be able to ride it! 
Me: Oh indeed! I couldn't even imagine riding Falcon's Fury myself! My Grandmother wants to ride it and she is 80 years old!
JD: Bring her on over!

A huge Thank you to Mr.Dean for allowing me to interview him on Media Day! I wasn't on his list of interviewers and he took the time to talk to me! It was so kind of him and it was such a pleasure to finally be able to meet him! I have only ever heard such great things about him and I am so glad that we have him as the Park President!

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