Friday, November 25, 2016

The Body Shop At Home Facial Mask Experience(s)! #MultiMasking #DareToMask

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Well howdy doody! Today I have something glorious to talk about! I have actually been saving this post until it got closer to the holiday season! We all know that one person who is utterly obsessed with face masks. I was going to share with you the entirety of the collection, packaging and all, but I can't seem to find it on The Body Shop's website. Such a shame! However, I will link to each individual Face mask. :) 

The Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance Mask is 100% Vegan. Did that have to be larger than the rest of the text? Yes, yes it did because I wanted the point to be across. This masks main..or key ingredients I guess they would be called is Acai Berry and Guarana Extract and Babassu Oil. This mask does have what I am assuming is the seeds from the acai berry in it, which helps exfoliate your skin and the guarana extract helps to awaken your skin.

When you apply this to your skin, I kid you not, it looks like you went for one of those Kim Kardashian Vampire Facials. Does anyone remember when that was popular? That is no joke, what this reminds me of. The color legit looks like a light layer of blood. Every time I use this, it is all I can think of!

When I wore this, it felt tingly, which I am assuming is from the guarana extract "waking" my skin up. It wasn't bothersome at all, but I did feel that my skin definitely didn't look as dull as it has been looking in the recent weeks.

The Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask is Paraben Free. This mask is NOT Vegan, so those of you who use only Vegan products, this is not for you unfortunately. The key ingredients in this mask are Rice and Ginseng from China as well as Sesame Seed Oil from Nicaragua. Ginseng is known for having toning properties in it, so I feel that it is perfect to have in a face mask. This mask also has salicylic acid in it, so it is perfect for those of us who have acne.

I am not really sure what the exfoliating aspect of this is, I thought it was the rice, but I saw in the ingredients that it is an extract, so I am not really sure.

I loved this mask! My skin bloody glowed after using this! My skin felt tighter and the one pimple that I did have reduced in size!

The British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask is 100% Vegan. Yes, this is another Vegan mask. The key ingredients are Rose petals, rose essence and Rose hip Oil. You could say that this is a very floral masks. I personally don't think that the scent of this is overwhelming and I am pretty sensitive to rose sensitive products. Floral things are just not my jam.

This is best for those who have dry skin. This replenishes moisture as well as soothes and tones skin. Of course oily skinned people can use it as well! I do!

The Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask is 100% Vegan. This is a mud mask so be prepared for it to dry! The key ingredients in this are bamboo charcoal and tea tree oil and green tea leaves from Japan. This is another mask that is perfect for acne prone skin. This does have an exfoliating property so it and it is the green tea leaves. Don't be alarmed because it looks chunky in the jar and you will definitely get leaves on your face!

I feel like this mask kind of has a minty scent to it, but it may be the tea tree oil and I could definitely be mistaking the scent! I do also find that this does make your face feel cooler! When this dries be careful! If you talk or move too much it will definitely start to crack and fall off of your face!

The Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask is Paraben Free. Obviously this isn't Vegan because it has honey in it. The key ingredients are honey, olive oil and marula oil. This is another mask that is for hydration, so all of you dry skin gals and lads and or all of you who start getting dry areas when the weather gets cooler, this is for you!

This basically looks like you are wearing a clear mask on your skin, it is pretty translucent. The scent of this is lovely, it isn't overpowering, I think it may be the marula oil but it smells so you smell the honey as well!

This definitely does hydrate your skin! I could tell my skin was super hydrated, even though it is oily!

Now, each mask is 3 ounces and retails for $28. I know, cringe worthy! They are totally worth it though! Let's be real right now, you don't need to use a lot of each mask to cover an entire face, I have a pretty large one and I barely had to use any to cover my face. These masks will last you quite a while! These are actually products I would go out and purchase on my own, with my own money..That is actually how much I do like these masks. Heck, even Chris likes them and I can't get him to use a face mask most of the time. When I do get him to wear one, it has to be a Body Shop mask because they are the only ones that he likes. That says something because that man hates putting things on his face.

You may notice that each one does do something different, I mean what is the point of having 5 masks that do the same thing! Well, there really isn't one. The point I am getting at is that The Body Shop designed these to be used separately as well as together. Multi-Masking! Using multiple masks on your face to treat the different areas of your skin! I am sure they are not the first ones to come up with it, but I do like how they have put it together. I have yet to try and multi mask because I would no joke, end up putting all 5 on my face just because I dang well could! ... Heck I should do that! I have a stressful day coming up! I just gave myself a great idea. High Give!

Don't think I am just talking these up because they were sent to me. While I am grateful that The Body Shop sent them to me! If you have been here any length of time then you would know, if I don't like a product I either wont talk about it, or I will give it, its rightful review, I do genuinely love these masks. These would be perfect for a gift to yourself or a gift to a skincare lover that you know!

Have you tried these?! Will you try them?!


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