Monday, December 19, 2016

Birthday Makeup & Nails

Contains PR products
Well hello there!

Happy Monday to you all! Today is my Birthday and of course I am typing a post up! I mean why not, I have nothing else planned! Lame right? Not really! I usually never plan anything for my birthday, so I am totally okay with it!

It is like 85 freakin degrees in Florida today and I just have to say that it is freaking ridiculous. It is hot and humid and just WHY?! I no joke have been complaining about it all day. I just don't like sweating! Any hoodle.

For my makeup, like usual I just did my eyes. I never do foundation because I have yet to find one that I like! The only products I am going to chat about right now are from The Body Shop! I am not talking about the others because I am still in testing phases for them.
I used The Body Shops Down To Earth Palette 04. I used Attica Marble, Petra Sandstone, Penrhyn Slate and, Bengal Granite. I didn't want to go for a totally neutral look and I didn't want to go for a dark look. I felt that for the day, this palette is bloomin' perfect. Plus! You can build it up. I also used their Eye Colour Stick in Nevada Gold. The glitter in Nevada Gold actually took away a little of the purple from Petra Sandstone. The thing I really like about this palette is that it doesn't make it look like you were punched in the eyes like most purple shadows do.

 For my nails. I ended up going through two different looks. I didn't like how the firsts turned out, so I changed it. I knew for a fact that I wanted to use ORLY Space Cadet because it is my absolute favorite nail polish. I no joke have been collecting polishes that are similar, just so I can have them. That is how much I love this polish. I didn't catch the shift in the polish unfortunately. If you do want to see all of the shifting in the polish, definitely check this post out.

The rest of the nails were layering of ORLY Purple Velvet and ORLY Mirrorball.I can not get over how this turned out.. It seems pretty popular, but probably because of the holo-ness of the whole thing! :P

Like I said, I have nothing planned and just felt like doing my makeup just because I can. :)


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