Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Golden Holiday Party Makeup!

Hello everyone!

I can't believe I forgot that to write down what I used for this look! However, it was simply too pretty to not share! Well, I think it is a pretty look! I can tell you that I did use Urban Decay eyeshadows, but beyond that, I can't remember. For sure though I did use baked on the lid, but everything else is mixed and the eyeliner is a grey from L'Oreal. That is the best help I can give!

Regardless, I do think that this should be easy to re-create! Please enjoy it!

I don't know what it is about the combination of these colors, but it is definitely something that I am going to have to try and recreate! Of course this time I will remember to write down the products! :P

There you have a completed look! Of course you can throw on a lip stick or gloss to make this complete! If you have been here any length of time, you know for me anything besides chapstick is usually an after thought! I meant to put something on but just totally forgot!

I do have three more eye looks coming up that I do hope to get done before Christmas! I have time!

What do you think?!

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