Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Dessert Okonomiyaki

Side note before we get into this post. I had planned on doing a makeup post this week before this one BUT I have no idea what happened. I know what eye shadow palette that I used, but in the pictures it looks nothing like the palette. SO I ended up just scraping the post because I was not impressed with how it came out in the end. I don't want to put out something I am not proud of, so I decided to not put it out. I will make up for it though next week and do an extra post. Please forgive me!

I found these two guys on YouTube called Shinichi and Satoshi and they run the channel called TabiEats. No joke, I bloody love these two! Their channel is so addicting to watch! I recently saw their video where they made Dessert Okonomiyaki and I just had to try it! I have tried making regular okonomiyaki in the and it never turned out that great. I have no idea why! This recipe though is pretty straight forward and simple! Even when you forget an ingredient the first two times you make it! It is still pretty yummy! The longest part of this whole thing is waiting for it to cook. 

For the recipe you just need flour, milk, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon, butter, vanilla, egg, sweet potato and an apple. The exact quantities will be at the bottom! The first two times I made this, I forgot the cinnamon like a dope and then cooked it on a higher heat and ended up burning it! Like a bloody nincompoop. 

First you want to start off by peeling your sweet potato. Then start cutting it up into sections and then into matchstick pieces. I don't think the thickness matters because mine were all different sizes and thickness and they all cooked the same way. 
You want to do the same thing with the apple as you did with the sweet potato. You don't have to peel the apple if you don't want too. I didn't, but then again I like to eat apple peels. Now it doesn't matter what type of apple you use, the first two times I made this I used Red Delicious apples and this time I used a Fuji. I also used only half of the sweet potato and the full apple. Satoshi only called for half of each but I like the ratio of the entire apple to the 1/2 sweet potato. Or if you like sweet potato, use the whole thing. I didn't think it needed an entire one this time because my apple was on the medium/small side. 

In the video Satoshi sifts all of the dry ingredients together, but I really just dumped them in. I really just didn't feel like sifting anything, but I didn't see much of a difference in the texture of the final product when it was sifted verses not being sifted. 


You basically just want to dump everything into a bowl and mix well. I found that using my hands made it a little easier to get everything coated than using a spoon. If you do go that route, at least make sure your hands are clean. 

This amount ended up making two Okonomiyaki, but if you want if you want a larger one..or have a larger frying pan go for it. I don't have very large pans so I just made two smalls ones. However, 1 is perfect for one person, or you can share...or I mean you could totally eat them by yourself! I won't judge or say anything! 
It says to cook until brown and crispy, but I found that after you flip it, the top tends to soften up while the bottom will stay crispy. That is because you put the lid on and it ends up steaming itself. The texture of this is fantastic and you get a bit of apple and sweet potato in each bite! This is such a lovely treat to make! The longest part of this entire thing is waiting for it to cook!  
In the video Satoshi melted some chocolate to look like an actual okonomiyaki, but I feel that for my personal preference, it is not needed. I added extra sugar to the batter to make it sweeter so I didn't want more sugar on top. Feel free to do it though if you use the amount called! 

Is this something you would make?! I would love to know! I've made this a total of 3 times and I can see myself making it more! It is pretty addicting! Please check out TabiEats and if you want to see them make this Dessert Okonomiyaki on their channel go HERE!  If you do make it, send me a picture! I would love to see it!


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