Monday, January 23, 2017

The Makeup Show Orlando! Press Release

Hey, hey. You excited?! I am getting a beauty related post out this week! This one is a post I can definitely get behind though no matter how I feel! I am so excited to look at The Makeup Show's Press Release for Orlando as well as I am excited about The Makeup Show in general!

That is the full press release for The Makeup Show Orlando. I seriously can not wait to see what is all debuted at the show this year! There is always so much fun stuff that companies put out at the show and I think it will all be rather exciting!

I am quite excited to see that there are going to be new brands at The Makeup Show this year! It is always fun so see new brands and learn what they are about. That is what is the most important part to me! I love learning about the brands more than anything else.

This year they are having a Play Area. I think that is such a great idea! Usually there is so much going on and so many people trying to get at the same thing that I love the idea of trying it before it is bought!

The Makeup Show Town Hall is also something that I feel could be extremely beneficial!I love the thought of being able to sit down and have an engaging set of conversations between everyone! It is probably going to be the most beneficial area in the whole show! Of course the show itself, including the Keynotes will be beneficial. However, I do believe that this will be super helpful because you can engage with experts and hopefully learn some new tips and tricks! So exciting! The workshops are also something extremely beneficial to all of those attending the show as well as the Keynotes! Everyone should at least attend one of each when attending the show!

I am so excited that VampFX will be there! I love seeing things that have to do with Special FX! Special Effects is such a craft and amazing! I am also interested in learning more about EarthBorn Solutions, I am quite interested in learning more about their cleaner, so interesting!

I also love the fact that Moo business cards are going to be there! I have used their business cards in the past and they are of such good quality!

There are going to be so many amazing brands at the show this year! I hope you all keep an eye on the hashtags on Instagram and twitter to keep up with the goings on!

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What are you looking forward too about The Makeup Show?!

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