Monday, January 30, 2017

Wet n Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel

I found this in the clearance bin at Walmart and I am not really sure why it was there! I found other polishes, that were not clearanced out...actually thinking back, I was at Walmart earlier and I found this exact polish that was not on clearance. I am not sure why, who knows! I am certainly am not going to complain at all! This is that good of a polish!

Cyantific Method is such a gorgeous Cyan color...also when I first wore this, or well looked at the name, I didn't get it.. Now I do upon writing it for the third time! Scientific. Get it? I obviously didn't at first. Go figure!


I actually like how this picture came out, only because you can see how it looks in various degrees of lighting. The ring finger (3rd from left) if what the polish looks true to life.This applies so smooth and effortlessly! Like spreading butter over warm toast! Depending on how thick that you decide to apply it, it will take 1-2 coats.

One thing I do want to warn you about, especially if you haave a small amount of nail space, the brush on this is rather large. It however, is still easy to use, even on my pinky, which is my smallest nail. The brush is just about the width of my pinky. I do think that it makes it that easy to apply. This is also in a black bottle, I am not sure if that means anything in particular, but you will have a bit of a time trying to see how much you have left.

I also want to mention that I did not use a top coat. This is pretty shiny on its own!

Have you tried any of the Wet n Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel polishes?! I would love to know if you have and what you think of them! 


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