Friday, February 3, 2017

Some of My Favorite Busch Gardens Pictures

Ya know, I have taken a LOT of pictures at Busch Gardens Tampa. I guess I kind of have that advantage to know where the best places to get some really good pictures are. When 4 out of the 6 people who resided in your house work there, you get to know the park pretty well. I mean, I also worked there at one point in 2010, but that is beside the point. Anyways, I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures that I have taken at Busch Gardens. I wanted to do a Lifestyle-esque post because, I mean, I just wanted too and I feel like this would be a really lovely one to do. :)

I love this picture of Falcons Fury at night because of the colors of the ride itself and then the lights, it is really something. I definitely suggest that when the park is open later during the summer to stay and just check out Falcons Fury when it is lit up...and if you are brave enough even ride it!

This is probably the stinkiest part of the entire park. If you have walked by the Flamingo area over near Sesame Street, you will know. Some days it doesn't stink and other days it is so over powering! As being the main bird associated with lawns in Florida, these are definitely really fun birds to watch! Especially when the babies hatch and are cute, grey and fluffy!

Kangaroos are something that I don't think a lot of people expect to be at Busch Gardens. However over in Walkabout Way, there is definitely a lot of them! Wallabys and Kangaroos as well as an Emu! You can even buy some food and feed them! These are probably the only animal in the park that you are actually allowed to touch and pet. Just make sure you don't pet them where they don't like it!

While I do love this picture, you unfortunately can't see these Flamingos anymore. They closed down Jambo Junction where these are located. They are still quite lovely and if you walk by and peer over a bush you may be able to see them! I even had the chance to feed them once when I was hanging out with a couple of other ex-bloggers who used to run a now shut down blog. Such a lovely couple!

This bad boy is Spike! He is the lone male elephant at the park and he is just so fun to watch! His tusks are also pretty impressive! I definitely suggest checking the elephants out when they do their enrichment time! It is so fun to watch them play around with the things that are put out for them! Last year, they were even given peeps for Easter! Only in small doses though.

Last year at Food & Wine I was able to see the All American Rejects play! This actually was the only decent picture I got of the band because I was pretty far back in the crowd. I definitely suggest checking out the line up for this years Food & Wine at both SeaWorld and Busch Gardens! Some great bands will be playing!

I am not sure his name, but I do know that this is the Silverback Gorilla over in Myombe Reserve. My Mom and I (when we go, before PokemonGo that is) would sit for hours and just watch the Gorillas. They are so fun to watch! Especially the babies.

I LOVE going and sitting at the Tiger Lodge area. I just want to rub their blooming fluffy ears! While I can wish, it is obviously not an option. All of the tigers are adorable though!

The Orangutans are another favorite of mine to sit and watch, especially when they are moving around, My Mom and I call this "The big boy" as we obviously don't know his name.

While this isn't a great picture, it is still awesome. Last year at Food & Wine (again) I got to see MeatLoaf perform! That was definitely a dream come true because I love his music! 

The Giraffes are definitely silly animals! Did you know that they have the same amount of bones in their necks as we (humans) have in ours?! Crazy right?! This was taken from the Serengeti Express train, which is something I greatly suggest doing at least once!

The lions over in the Edge of Africa are awesome to watch as well! You know, as long as I have been going to Busch Gardens, I only recently found out that there were two prides of Lions. I don't know why I never noticed!

This is a picture I actually took recently. The Orangutans have been pretty active as of late. This is the same one that was pictured above, but I wanted to include another picture just because!

The pictures are mainly of animals but lets be honest, I don't do rides. I mainly go to the park to see the animals. Even though I have been there a million times, it doesn't get old. There is always something different you haven't noticed before, no matter how many times you have been there. Plus, with Food and Wine coming up, I may be there more often! Maybe this year I will actually get my Food review up! hah.

I hope you all have such a lovely weekend!

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