Thursday, July 6, 2017

Fourth of July Eye Make-Up!

Heya loves! I hope you all are doing well and all had/are having an amazing 4th of July! If you aren't in the US, Happy Tuesday! I have no plans today at all, we are actually celebrating our 4th on the 7th because everyone is off that day! So woohoo!

I had not been actually planning on doing any kind of makeup or anything really at all, but I had seen Be Happy and Buy Polish post her makeup look on Snapchat and she seriously inspired me to do mine!

I should have screenshot her makeup to show you all what hers looked like! It was quite lovely! Now I didn't do anything spectacular or intricate, but I was really excited on how this turned out, I am actually kind of bummed that I didn't go anywhere! But you aren't here to listen to me ramble about never having plans! Hah.

So When I was looking for eyeshadows for this look, I really wanted to go fully with Sugarpill. However, the only white shadow that I have from them is Lumi, which if you have used it before you know it is basically sheer. So in came the Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.
Does anyone else remember when everyone in their brothers, mothers, sister was using Milk? Talk about Cult product! Ha. Anyways anyways. I had to choose between Love+ and Asylum...I ended up going with Asylum because I wanted to keep everything sparkly. I mean why not?!
I don't know why, but I feel like with any makeup look I do, I NEED eyeliner. It just feels incomplete without some! Is anyone else like that! Velocity, again from Sugarpill was the definite blue eye shadow that I had to use! It really was and is the perfect color! I dampened my liner brush, which lets be real is an eye brow brush! I dampened it with Mehron's Mixing Liquid because that really was the only way to get the intensity that I wanted from this eye shadow. Once you blend it, as you can see on the lower lash line, it isn't as intense..which is perfect for the lower lashes!
Because I wasn't going anywhere, I decided to not wear any foundation or anything. Why waste it? I have no idea what it going on with my skin lately but I have so much redness and hyperpigmentation that it is ridiculous. I didn't bother with a lip color either, simply because I didn't think of it. I don't even know what I would have used in the first place! Dang! I totally could have done something fun now that I think of it!
Products Used:
Sugarpill; Lumi 
Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
Mehron Mixing Liquid
Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Lash Primer
L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise

I really think that this is the first a long time that I have not used an excessive amount of eyeshadows or anything on my eyes. It is quite refreshing to just keep it quite simple! Even when I do a neutral look I use at least 3 colors mixed for the crease alone! Hah.

Did you all do anything fun or exciting for the 4th?! I sat and watched Midsommer Murders on Netflix! I totally recommend checking it out for sure!


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