Saturday, July 15, 2017

Fun At Magic Kingdom!

Hey Hey Hey!
So last Month (June), my family and I went to Disney..well Magic Kingdom for the first time...well it wasn't my first time, but it was so long ago that I don't remember much. The only thing I remember is having a panic attack when I was in elementary school when my Cousins tried to force me onto Space Mountain even though I was absolutely terrified of it. Thankfully I remember a team member letting me out of line to go back to my Grandparents! Then all I remember is the Buzz Lightyear ride? Shooting things and what not..other than that, everything else was foreign to me!

I went with the intention of trying all of the fun little treats that they had in the park! I had some seriously high expectations to be completely honest! However, I was fully disappointed. No joke, there was nothing. No cute little treats or anything, is there an embargo or am I thinking of the wrong park? I did however plan on getting Dole Whip. Totally cliche right? Well, I just had to have it! I bloody love pineapple and this was right up my alley! The top picture of it was mine...or well my Moms, since she took a huge bite out of mine before I could get a picture! I hope you all are gasping, because I totally did! It was quite delicious! This one cup was under $5, which was nice!
After tasting mine, my parents decided to get their Dad of course went with the float! I was totally jealous because the juice was sweet and paired perfectly with the dole whip! Total secret though? If you can't afford Disney but have passes to Busch Gardens...they have Pineapple Whip, which tastes exactly the win win?
Now, I totally forgot to get pictures of every one's this point we were all starving! Cloe got the cutest Mac & Cheese! It was shaped like Mickey..I regret not taking a picture of it for sure. I had looked at ALL of the restaurants in the park because we had to find one that had something that the kids would eat..We ended up settling on The Plaza Restaurant. A good choice really, however, it ended up being more expensive that we thought it would be. For just Chris and I to eat it was $50. No joke! I got the Angus Chuck Cheeseburger $18 (pictured below) and Chris got the Plaza Club $15. Then with the drinks which I believe were about $ the automatic gratuity because there were 6 of us. My parents got the Cheese steak Sandwiches $17 and Cloe got the Mac & Cheese $9 and Chris got the Grilled Cheese $9. Their bill was $80!
Let me just say we all cringed! However, we were expecting to spend a lot on the meal we had, so while it killed us all, we accepted it. I will say that when you get the kids meals, they do get a desert that is included with their entree. I will say that if you have an 8 year old who has a big appetite, don't get him the grilled cheese..or a kids meal for that matter. Chris ended up eating all of my Moms fries as well as half of mine and my Dads fries on top of his Milk and Cookies.
Oh, I should Clarify. My Husbands name is Chris and my Nephews name is Chris...confusing right? This is what Cloe's desert looked like. It's called Mickeylodeon.. It's just a scoop of ice cream, with the cone and chocolate medallion ears. This was seriously so cute!

We let the kids get 1 souvenir each. Cloe just HAD to have these ears. $30 for a pair of ears that she wont even wear because she said they hurt her head. Gotta love kids! I didn't get any pictures of what Chris got because he ended up looking for something as we were on our way out. I also don't have any pictures of him period because he doesn't like getting his picture taken at all. He got a BB-8 spinning top is actually pretty cute as well as he got a stuffed animal. Now because he got 2 things..Cloe had to get a second. So she chose a bracelet. I swear it was pure extortion! $10 for a beaded bracelet! I clutched my heart y'all! I am pretty frugal so buying killed me internally. However, it made them happy!
My Mom and I watched the fireworks show up in Fantasy Land because the kids had to ride 1 more ride before we left! We no joke were not planning on staying as late as we did! We were there from open to close! It rained all. freaking. day! Like a straight up downpour! It was crazy...I wont lie, we were all pretty miserable because of it..once it did stop though everyone got happy! 
This dang fireworks show though! It makes you feel all the feels! I did actually cry a little bit watching it. I'm not sure why. Do fireworks shows make anyone else cry? No? Just Me? Well then . :P Baha 

The only thing we didn't get to do on our way out was walk through Cinderella's Castle. Cloe was pretty upset about it. They had closed it because they were about to do a show on the castle. Maybe if we ever get to go back that will be the first thing we do!
I did snapchat a little bit during the day. All of the  pictures I took were phone pictures. Ya know, even though it rained and I was eyeliner stay nice all day. So heck ya about that! Anyways. I did finally decide to do a ride with the kids. Of course it was the Pirates ride! I freaking love Pirates of the Caribbean. It holds a special place in my hearts for reasons. Cloe absolutely loved the ride! We all did actually. No real Johnny Depp though! Bummer!
Side note, I wore the shirt in this picture ALL day..and a few other times and not one person told me that it was totally see thru! Thanks guys!
This was at about 3pm I think. She totally just conked right out! it was so cute! Everyone else kept stopping up to tell us how cute she looked! I'm not even joking. People kept stopping us, to look at her sleeping. It was a little weird.
I didn't get a total ton of pictures because I knew it was going to rain and I absolutely refused to take my Canon to the park with the suspicion of rain! I am so not ruining my camera! My Dad took his and never took it out of the bag. I am happy with my phone pictures. :)

We had a pretty successful day at Magic Kingdom! I would definitely love to go back..on a day when it isn't supposed to rain, so we can enjoy it better! I also want to go back to Epcot..I did try and persuade them to go to Epcot instead. I am not even kidding! Once I saw the amount of people going to MK, I tried my hardest! I am glad that we went to MK though...I think we should go back when school starts. Also side note...Disney doesn't shut down rides when there is lightening in the area. I found that pretty interesting!

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