Monday, December 4, 2017

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner Waterproof Liquid Liner

I have no joke been putting off buying this eyeliner because of how pricey it is. In total I payed $21.40 for this eyeliner at Sephora...In my defence though I was buying it as a birthday present too myself, so I kind of am justifying the price for that reason. Plus, the last time I .... wait scratch that, just kidding. That will be another post. Ha!


I have really been wanting this eyeliner for quite a while because I am always hearing how amazing of a product that it is and how crisp of a line that you can get with it! I will be putting up some makeup looks here within the next few weeks that will be showcasing this eyeliner! So be on the lookout for that, but for now, later in the post is just a swatch! What really jump started me to considering purchasing this is a friend of mine. She had just bought this and was talking about how she absolutely loves it and how it stays on her "Overly greasy Italian skin" Not exactly her words, but there was some profanity in it! Ha. As with everything eyeliner wise...or well at least liquid liner wise, I had to get the blackest possible eyeliner.

Trooper Black  is definitely a blackest black type of eyeliner. I was so impressed swatching it in store as well as actually applying it on my lid. I can't even tell you how smooth this applied! Like a warm knife going through butter, I am seriously so impressed by this eyeliner and it's application. I think I will be a longtime fan as this point!


I love the sleek black-ness (?) of this packaging and I love the roses that are on it. If I am not mistaken she hand draws all of the artwork on her packaging. I feel that is a thing, but at the same time I have been known to be wrong. xD This applies so smoothly without any skips or goodness forbid mess ups! Y'all know I did the wing like usual with it and it came out so smooth and crisp and sharp enough to cut someone! Per anything Kat Von D related, this is vegan and cruelty free. I'm not exactly sure how this compares to her Ink Liner because I've not used this, but I have a few other KvD items and am so far incredibly impressed with the quality of them all.


Sephora as well as her own website call this a "satin" finish, which I tend to take as, not matte but not glossy. I would say that once it sets, it is definitely a satin looks shiny in the picture, but it definitely is not that glossy in real life, the flash just exaggerated the look. I wont even begin to tell you how much I had to scrub with my Micellar water to actually get this off. I had a red mark on my arm for a few minutes for sure! So I would definitely recommend, using a makeup remover instead of a micellar water to take this off.


I seriously can not get over how fine of a point that is! This is a BRUSH liner, not a felt tip, so if those are not your kinda brushes...I would say give it a try anyways! This is definitely worth the money 100% and I am so excited that I finally took the leap after all of the suggestions and tried it.

I can't stop gushing about this eyeliner to be honest. It has quickly become my favorite product that I have purchased recently!

You can purchase this eyeliner at as well as Sephora.

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