Saturday, December 2, 2017

Well, Hello!

Heya everyone!
I know it has been a hot hot minute since I have actually blogged, and lets be real, my last post wasn't exactly an easy post to write.  We all are always going through something, whether we hide it or not. I wont lie, over the past year and a half I really lost the part of me that loved blogging. I love the drive and want to take pictures and to work on posts. It's a shame really, because I do miss it and I miss all of you so much!

So, no not beginning the new year, beginning now, I am going to try and get back into blogging!

Let's play catch up though!

You may have noticed that a -lot- of pictures are missing from my blog. Unfortunately, it is taking me ages to download them individually from Photobucket, since they decided that they wanted to charge you $400 to use your own pictures on a website that isn't their own. Okay, cool photobucket! At least let me download my own pictures! I mean come on.Y'all are killing me!

So catch up time!
I have finally taken the leap and dyed my hair something other than blonde or one of the other colors it was! I'm not gonna front, it was supposed to be a silver/gray with blue undertones in it! My hair literally turned Smurf blue! -_- I rocked it for a good month though and seriously loved it! I just dyed it a dark blue/teal color but don't have a proper picture just yet! The next post you will see it!


I also ended up finding my LOVE finally (I know right?!) for lipsticks, but my lipstick love is only for dark lipsticks! I still can't get the look of lighter ones right! I always feel like it turns clownish!


I still have my three crazy kitties that I am still absolutely obsessed with!

I'm still going to Busch Gardens, obviously! It's Christmas Town currently so the park is absolutely gorgeous! I will have to do a full post on that at a later date before it ends!

I haven't been painting my nails, because they are still so brittle and break so easily! So I have been wearing fakes...but I am going to get back into painting my own nails and hopefully growing them out! ...I just have to wait...or not paint my pinky! Long story short, I was hanging out with some friends playing Pokemon Go and my nail got stuck in a table some how and ripped the fake nail off and ripped almost the entire nail off of my pinky. It's been a week and the top of my finger is still numb and it's still pretty painful. I can always just bandaid it though so you don't have to see it! :O


I have so many things that I want to share with you all that it isn't funny! I am so excited to get back into taking pictures and blogging about everything! Hopefully This week I will be able to get some posts up! I need to clean a couple things before I can take pictures of them!

But for now, have an amazing rest of your weekend!

Best, Autumn

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