Get To Know Me


Welcome to my About Me!

My Name is Autumn and I am currently in my mid 20's! I say that, just so I don't have to update it every year! :P

I was married in 2012 and have three crazy cats.

My blog started off as mainly a beauty blog in 2009, then I added in nail polish. I recently rebranded my blog and now am going to consider myself a Lifestyle blog. I will still be talking about beauty and nail polish, but I will also be adding in posts about my life as well as Recipes, Theme Parks,Crafts and DIY projects. I obviously wont be sticking with just those topics but it will be fun!


  1. You live in Pasco County? I use to live in Pasco county when I was like 13. I use to live in Wesley Chapel, FL! Have you heard of a neighborhood called "The Valley"?

    1. Yes Ma'am! I've not heard of it. I live down in the New Port Richey/Port Richey area.. Oh man! That is seriously awe-some!

  2. I love your furrbaby, she is so pretty. I love the picture at the top of the blog you look stunning in it. xxx

  3. You're blog looks beautiful Autumn!